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Garden rooms- An extension to your interiors and your lifestyle

Garden Office  |  Garden Gym  |  Therapy Room  |  Play Room   |  Yoga Room

Our garden room services will do a lot more than provide you with additional spaces. Our garden rooms will bring a positive change into your life. We’ll provide you with elegantly designed garden rooms that will last for a lifetime. 

Beautifully designed, high-quality garden rooms

At Design Destiny, we create beautiful, bespoke, and fully insulated garden rooms using the best quality materials for meticulous finishing and stylish design. 


Take advantage of the top-notch services that provide you with the space you’ve always dreamed of. 

Garden rooms that fit your needs

We are very well aware that one size does not fit all. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to know their requirements and design garden rooms customized according to their unique specifications. 

Get a garden room tailored to your unique specifications and requirements. 

We provide a luxury feel to your home with limitless garden room options

We align your preferences with our skills and abilities to design a room according to your needs, desires, and tastes. With Design Destiny, you can be assured that you’re always in safe hands, and you’ll reach an outcome that will astonish you. We give you the freedom to choose from a wide array of modern and traditional designs that match your taste & preferences. At Design Destiny, we’re passionate about designing unique buildings. Wise use of the best quality materials allows us to stand out from the myriad of competitors out there. Further, we build all our garden rooms utilizing eco-friendly products. We boast of being a one-stop destination for all your garden designing needs.

Expert designers

Our expert designers supervise every single element of garden room design to ensure that we deliver quality at every step.

High-quality craftsmanship

High-quality craftsmanship and meticulous finishing are the standards that come with our services.


We focus on delivering the best garden room designs, no matter how complex it is.

Timely delivery

Once we have understood what you want with our extension, we’ll start on the journey to build you a better living space. Our expert team always stays on schedule to deliver your project on time.

Let us elevate your living experience with our garden rooms

Whether you want to utilize your garden room as a workspace or want to use it for relaxing and playing, our team has the experience and expertise to create modern, fully insulated garden rooms with minimum disruption.

We specialize in designing, building, installing, and finishing beautiful and unique garden homes for your needs.

Our garden rooms require zero maintenance and are infused with energy-efficient lighting and heating. 

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you fulfill your garden room needs.