Design Destiny


We love to build brand new driveways

A well-crafted driveway can enhance the look of your home, boost the value of your property and increase your curb appeal. The driveway paving and repair specialists at Design Destiny can help you get the perfect solutions that suit your needs. 

Residential Paving Services

Creating a smooth residential driveway that lasts longer and properly drains water requires expertise and skills.


The experienced team at Design destiny will take care of each and every aspect of your driveway project. With us, you can focus on other crucial aspects of building your dream home.

Commercial parking lots

Looking for a reliable company for your parking lot project? We are here to help.

We have the expertise to handle all the aspects of your parking lot, right from conducting surveys to getting necessary permits, excavation, and grading.

Your-Go-to destination for your driveway needs

From repairing your driveway to designing a brand new surface, we can help you with everything.

Residential paving

Want to repair or build a brand new driveway for your home? Our residential pavers can create a smooth driveway for you. 

Commercial paving

Whether it’s new parking lot installation or maintenance, crack filling and repair, asphalt resurfacing, or milling, we are experts at handling all.

Excavation and grading

Our expert pavers develop high-quality bases utilizing the best quality materials. Further, we build effective slopes for proper drainage. 

Why choose Design Destiny?

Design Destiny is one of the best companies in the UK, offering first-rate paving services. We stand behind our high-quality workmanship and reliable services because we very well know that you want the best final outcome. We have the experience, expertise, and skills to build a long-lasting driveway. We leverage the state of the art technology and the latest equipment to create a solid foundation for your driveway. Here are a few benefits of our services. 

  • Crack filing 
  • Parking lot 
  • Residential & commercial paving 
  • Line striping

Want to discuss your project with us? We’d love to hear from you about your interior needs and requirements. Get started with us now.